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Fluiten has been manufacturing Mechanical seals and carrying out industrial projects since 1962. Our production ranges from a 20 mm diameter water seal to the seal fitted at the bottom of a reactor column working at 350 C.

We are always quick to adopt the latest technologies and are continuously researching for new developments and new materials. The results of these researches are evident in our products, accurately addressing every detail, matching our customers' requirements and urgency.

The enforcement of ISO 9000 and Vision 2000 standards only officialised the procedures which Fluiten had already been using for many years in all of its production processes. Quality is a behaviour line that we have been following for many years and that we want always to improve on, thanks also to our Customers' counselling and feedback.

Since January 2007 Fluiten Nederland B.V. is the official distributor for all Fluiten mechanical seals and sealing systems for The Netherlands. To read more about Fluiten Nederland B.V., please select the 'About Us' button in the menu.

Fluiten Nederland B.V. 2007 - info@fluitennederland.nl